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Being from Wisconsin, I’m a natural lover of the outdoors. I hope to bring that beauty to each and every photo shoot however I’m a sucker for some cool lighting on indoor shoots. I moved to Chicago in 2014 and Grayslake, IL in 2020.


When I’m not photographing, I’m hanging with my best friend/husband and our fur-babies, planning out long road trips and going camping, listening to true crime podcasts or documentaries, and asking people about their best ghost story. (I will talk for hours about my fascination with the paranormal, so bring it on.)


I want all of my clients to know that I am your photographer regardless of race, color, religion, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, body type, physical or mental health status, citizenship status, etc. I want to tell each individual part of the human experience and that means celebrating EVERYONE'S beauty. Only love and kindness will be tolerated during our sessions and I commit to bringing it.


Can’t wait to meet you!

katie devries


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