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First things first, I'm an open and honest person. So I'll let you know that a career in photography was not even a thought in my head until 2019. I went to school for Theatre and moved to Chicago in 2014 to start my life as an actor. I quickly realized that as much as I loved that path, making a living out of it was not for me. I still craved that creativity and story-telling though and I dove hard into my anxious brain to create a new journey for myself. 

I knew it had to be photography for so many reasons on the back end, but the reason it grabbed my heart so hard was because of how much I truly enjoy reminiscing. (I'm also a very nostalgic person.) My whole life I have always loved looking at old family photo albums and watching home movies. There is something so special about finding joy out of looking at snippets of your past, even if they may seem mundane in the moment. Those parts in the "in between" are always my favorite - when you don't know someone is seeing how beautiful you are without you even trying. These are my favorite moments to capture during your session. Of course, we all want a nice photo to hang on the wall or send out for a holiday card. But my favorite photos are when you are feeling true emotion, seeing that toothy smile, feeling so much love, or even feeling nervous as all hell. Emotions are what make us, and I hope to show you how beautiful you are when you let that side shine.

about me...

I'm from Wisconsin and love everything outdoors. I am addicted to finding a beautiful backdrop and pointing it out to my husband while he's driving. Do not trust me with directions.

I love to laugh and consider myself a pretty weird person. At our session, I will most likely dance, sing, make strange noises if I have to. I am also open to talking about anything you think is a weird thing about you. No judgement here.

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